To Danna Homecare Services,

Hello my name is Mr. P. I found it in my heart to write this testimonial due to a couple of amazing ladies who continue to impress me. They are from Danna Homecare Services. I am a father who depends on nursing care for my disabled daughter, Nicole since my beloved wife passed away from liver cancer in 2014. Nevertheless, I have had to depend on nurses to help me care for my daughter due to the fact that I am completely blind. I regret to say I have been disappointed by other healthcare agencies in the past who created a great deal of stress and anxiety in my life. Little did I know that I would find an agency I could trust and count on. Especially with the shortage of nurses in the system since this pandemic broke out in 2020. Well, to my surprise I came across an agency called Danna Homecare Services who up till now has definitely impressed me. They have 2 of the most amazing employees I have ever encountered in the industry. Their names are Adel and Denise who work endlessly to please their clients. I find Adel really does take a great deal of pride in her work and really does care about her clients and colleagues alike. As far as Denise goes, she to is extremely dedicated and never seems to tire in pleasing her patients. They are 2 of the most remarkable ladies I have ever met in the 27 years that my daughter has been in the system.

I can honestly say these 2 ladies and their team have not only restored my faith in the healthcare industry but are also the key to my piece of mind. They have gone over and above the call of duty. I couldn’t be any more relieved to know that Danna and their staff is in our corner. I think they really do understand how hard my wife and I worked to make my daughter’s life as best as we could. As I stated the best gift of life my wife could have ever left me with was my little princess Nicole, and I will continue to work endlessly to help her in life. She is the best and even though she is disabled she is kind and gentle as well as displays a tremendous amount of love and affection towards others. However, due to Nicole’s disability she is totally dependent on others for the rest of her life. For those who are not familiar with my daughter’s condition, Nicole was born premature and was considered to be a breech baby with a gustation age of 8 months. Nicole turned out to be a floppy syndrome baby who was born with a damaged Cortex in the center of her brain. This prevents her from swallowing or having anything at all by mouth which requires her to be fed through a GJ feeding tube in her tummy. This means Nicole will depend on nursing care to suction her orally for the rest of her life unless God blesses her with a miracle. Despite all of Nicole’s medical issues, she has always been an extremely happy and go lucky child which you can see for yourself simply by visiting Nicole’s miracle wish video on her YouTube channel or for ongoing updates on her progress you can also visit her GoFundMe page. She is absolutely adorable and inspirational to everyone who meets her. I love her to death, and just can’t believe how she continues to fight for her life. She is the true definition of a poster child. Although she just celebrated her 27th birthday she only weighs 38 pounds, and if she could stand, she would be 40 inches tall. Even though Nicole is nonverbal, and also has a high level of OCD with an IQ less than 75, I have dedicated my life teaching Nicole different ways of using sign language to communicate with people. Despite Nicole is developmentally challenged she is quite smart in her own way. She is wheel chair bound and she has full blown scoliosis of the back of 180 degrees. She has spent most of her life in hospitals.

If this isn’t enough, on August 20th 2021 she required life or death surgery which lasted 4 long hours due to a ruptured colon which was seriously bleeding from her rectum. She required 1000 CC of blood during her surgery.

Unfortunately, little did I know at the time this surgery would change her life forever. She had to have a colonoscopy bag placed next to her GJ tube. Due to the fact that Nicole is so fragile, complex and tiny, doctors did not think she would make it. Nonetheless, she did. Nicole was heavily sedated and had to be incubated after her surgery and remained on life support for 30 days till a tracheoscopy was placed in her neck with the hope that she would be able to breathe on her own. So, as you can see, Nicole has gone through HELL and back since birth, she is just amazing. She also has had a number of Bronchoscopy’s done in between all these other operations while she’s still in the ICU Unit of Humber River Hospital recovering. She still continues to fight for her life. What a warrior. She truly is the definition of a miracle child. She is my hero and I couldn’t be any prouder of her then I am.

In conclusion, my daughter and I are thankful for the staff at Danna Homecare Services for all their kind support, dedication and commitment towards the recovery of my daughter’s well-being. And finally, as far as I’m concerned, your agency is as close to being the best in the industry compared to your competition. All I can say keep up the good work, and good luck.

Thank you

Nicole’s Dad